Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snowy Day

Snow Album 2008

We headed up to the mountains to play in the snow. Of course, we forgot our camera, so the pictures were taken with the phone. We all got bundled up. Daddy pulled Mama & Audrey in the sled. We watched bigger kids slide down the hills and had a picnic in the snow. Piper missed out on the picnic because she fell asleep in the backpack! We hear that it might snow later this week, so maybe we won't have to drive so far next time we want to play in the snow.

1 comment:

Jin S. Chong said...

Do you remember sledding on the hill by the elementary school? haha...

OK, that's just wrong leaving Piper in the backpack like that. Please tell me that there's something under her or you changed the position of the backpack.