Monday, July 28, 2008

Chong Family Visit

The Chong's decended on our house for a week long visit. It was nice to have grandparents, nieces, aunt and uncle in our house. But, they kept us so busy! We went to the beach at Golden Gardens, picked blueberries at the Mercer Slough, rode the rides at Seattle Center, and visited the Pacific Science Center. Audrey & Piper had Bi-Bim-Bap for the first time (A didn't care for it, P loved it) and, we had cupcakes for Mama's birthday. Thank you Chong's!
Chong Family visit Album

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tino & Sue's Wedding

Tino & Sue's Wedding Album

Our friends Tino & Sue got married this past weekend. It was the most kid friendly wedding we've ever been to. First, a ceremony at the Rose Garden at Woodland Park. Then, a reception at Bell Harbor Pier. There were kid's meals and a play room. Audrey & Piper had a blast...we had to drag them off the dance floor at 10pm!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Leavenworth 2008 Album

We headed back to Leavenworth for a long 4th of July weekend. This time we stayed in a nice house on the Icicle River just a few minutes from town. Supposedly, there is some decent fishing from the backyard of this house. The owners dropped by a couple of fillets from a fish they had just caught a couple of days earlier! It was a little tough but had great flavor.

Again, we were joined by the DeVadders and Gardners (4.5 kids). The Landretti/Radus sadly missed this year's get away opting for a family reunion in Kauai, Hawaii (we were sad they were not with us, but I'm sure they were not sad as they basked in the island sun and surf!).

It's amazing that all these vacation rentals now have wireless Internet connections. It allowed both Johan and Eriko to come out a day earlier by working remotely while on vacation.

The kids had a great time together. Piper held her own with the big kids and slept in as a result (thank goodness, she had been getting up at 6am!). Audrey & Miya loved directing the play in the "Airplane" which actually was a sauna. And, Jules was a brave soul playing in the pool filled with ice-cold water. I have to say that vacationing with friends with kids is pretty sweet: zone parenting, having someone different cook you dinner each night, the kids have playmates from dawn to dusk, adult conversation with people who don't mind that you mostly talk about your kids, etc. I think the only frustration we had was trying to have all the adults sit down for dinner at the same time. We found that Popsicles could buy us five minutes of peace and quiet. Maybe next year we need to get bigger Popsicles.