Monday, March 24, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Easter 2008 Album

Happy Easter! Teddy colored eggs with the girls and Jules came over to help hunt them in the basement (it was raining).


We had a great vacation! Grandpa & Mimi Koehn met us in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico for some fun and relaxation in the sun. Both the girls had fun in the water. Audrey loved having Mimi take her into "the deep". And, Piper finally got brave and also wanted to swim in the deep. Only problem with that was that she really thought she could swim and was constantly trying to squirm away. Audrey discovered the joy of the strawberry smoothie. She kept saying, "This is really good." Piper got the nickmame "Scarface"...another vacation, another scrape on her face :(.

Mexico 2008 Album