Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April, Part 1

April is a busy month with lots of birthdays and activities. Teddy turned 38, we visited the zoo, Sai turned one, and we hunted Easter eggs. Click on the picture below to see the full album.

Easter 2007


Grandpa K said...

Hi, my Wonderful Grandaughters! This is Grandpa's first time ever reading or writing a blog. Right Now...

I love you both, and am looking forward to seeing you this special weekend! Grandma and Grandpa will see you about 10:00 am on Saturday!

Grandpa K said...

Just saw your pictures. They're wonderful. It's so nice to have so many friend in their age group.

Your hair looks nice, Audrey.

love, Grandpa

JC said...

haha... now you can use picasa for your pics and google for your email.

I'm looking forward to reading updates.

Oh, we're in Edmonton this week. I forgot to tell you. We'll be back on Sun night.